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SkyToll has worked in the area of intelligent transport information systems capable of analyzing and directing traffic anywhere in the world since 2008. It has created a unique solution combining the advantages of several technologies - satellite GNSS location technology, microwave DSRC technology for short distance communication, and mobile GSM technology to communicate within mobile networks and apply it not only to motorways, expressways and first-class roads, but also lower-category roads.  A significant advantage of satellite technology compared to other road charging technologies is the ability to manage increases in traffic volume and expansion of the road networks without the need of building a costly roadside infrastructure required for toll collection. Since January 1, 2010, SkyToll has operated Slovakia’s world class, state-of-art electronic toll system which covers the largest road network in the EU. The company also leads pilot projects and consulting activities in the construction of toll systems in the Russian Federation, Uruguay and other countries. SkyToll won the contract for building an electronic toll collection (ETC) system for the Czech Republic and with CzechToll, has implemented the first generational replacement of toll systems in the world, changing from microwave technology to satellite technology. SkyToll built and on 1 December 2021 successfully launched an electronic vignette system in Slovenia. SkyToll builds on the synergy of state-of-the-art, world-recognized, progressive technology to solve the new requirements of contracting authorities with maximum flexibility.

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