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Dr. Dinh Van Hiep

Dr. Dinh Van Hiep

Associate Professor in Transportation, Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Dr Dinh Van Hiep obtained an Eng. degree in civil engineering from Hanoi National University of Civil Engineering (HUCE, 1999), both M.Eng. (2005) and Ph.D degrees (2009) in the field of transportation planning and infrastructure management at Saitama University (Japan). He is currently working as an associate professor at HUCE and as a president of the Institute of Planning and Transportation Engineering (IPTE) under HUCE. Dr Dinh Van Hiep has more than 20 years of experience in transportation and logistics planning, infrastructure development and management. He has contributed as a professional in practical projects funded by various international donors (e.g. WBG, ADB, KOICA, JICA, UK-FCDO, USAID) in connection with government authorities in Vietnam, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Construction, Hanoi City Government, Ho Chi Minh City Government.